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FBC is an Independent Baptist Church
Welcome to Foundation Baptist Church
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Located about a mile from Ft. Jackson Army Base, we welcome military personnel to worship with us. You will find a warm and compassionate church family to fellowship with. We honor active duty personnel and veterans and thank them for their service to this great country of ours!

​Sunday School

We are currently teaching on the books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. We will be looking these books extensively and in detail over the next months. We will see Paul's care for and ministry to the church as well as upcoming events in God's timeline. 


This Week's Sermon
EmmanuelMatthew 1:22-25
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“Emmanuel” is the title from Matthew 1:22-25. In this message we find the message of Christmas which is “God with us.” This theme is first found in Isaiah 7 where the Israelites were under ungodly leadership and this name was a source of encouragement for them. Matthew used this same message to encourage those living under Roman control during his time. And this same message is good for us today. What are some practical aspects in knowing that God is with us today? 1. Our load is important to Him. 2. Our loss is important to Him. 3. Our loneliness is important to Him. 4. Our lack is important to Him. 5. Our lostness was important to Him. Jesus is our Emmanuel who will always be with us and in us.


God's Simple Plan of Salvation is as easy as ABC

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