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Located about a mile from Ft. Jackson Army Base, we welcome military personnel to worship with us. You will find a warm and compassionate church family to fellowship with. We honor active duty personnel and veterans and thank them for their service to this great country of ours!

​Sunday School

Pastor Ron is currently teaching on the Four Gospels. We will be looking at Matthew extensively and also some of the distinct passages from the other Gospels.  We will see Christ as King, as God's Servant, As Perfect Man and as Eternal God. 


This Week's Sermon

This message, “The Choice,” was from 1 Kings 18:21. In this sermon, we discussed Elijah’s contest with Ahab and his prophets This contest involved the choice of their particular faith. Elijah believed in the Lord God while Ahab sought Baal. We see that Elijah’s faith in the Lord God was based upon three facts. First, the Lord was/is alive and active in human affairs. Baal was a dead god who couldn’t do anything. Second, the Lord was/is able to answer the prayers of His people. Baal couldn’t and wouldn’t answer because it was just an idol propped up by man. Third, the Lord always wins and never loses. We who worship the Lord Jesus are always victorious. Like Elijah, there are times when we are out numbered and have odds against us. But by the grace of God we will prevail. By choosing the Lord we stand in victory today, tomorrow and eventually forever. 

The Choice1 Kings 18:21
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God's Simple Plan of Salvation is as easy as ABC

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