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Located about a mile from Ft. Jackson Army Base, we welcome military personnel to worship with us. You will find a warm and compassionate church family to fellowship with. We honor active duty personnel and veterans and thank them for their service to this great country of ours!

​Sunday School

Pastor Ron is currently teaching on the Four Gospels. We will be looking at Matthew extensively and also some of the distinct passages from the other Gospels.  We will see Christ as King, as God's Servant, As Perfect Man and as Eternal God. 


This Week's Sermon

This week’s message from Job 2:11-13 is “Comfort.” We live in a time when people are in need of comfort. In this holiday season, we should look to to encourage and console the broken hearted and lonely. Job’s three friends comforted their friend and we would do well to follow their example. First, they set a time to go comfort Job. They didn’t just show up randomly instead they planned their visit. People today would receive a planned visit better than an unannounced one. Jesus also planned his visit to comfort Martha and Mary when they lost their brother. Second, they sympathized with him by tossing dust all over them so they could look like him as he was covered with sores and ashes. Jesus came in our outfit-flesh to identify with us to comfort and save us. Third, they sat with him for awhile before they said anything. They let Job speak first before they opened their mouths. Fourth, they sealed it with prayer. Job ended his suffering by forgiving and praying for his friends who had moved from comforting him to criticizing him. Let’s seek to use their approach and comfort someone or to receive comfort this season. 

ComfortJob 2:11-13
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